FBDP – July 8, 2021

FBDP – July 8, 2021

July 8, 2021 Foreign Business Development 0

Good afternoon, I hope this update find you all well!

So, I have been working out how to make this all work exactly. Growing up where I have grown up has facilitated the meeting of many people from the Philippines which has led me to focusing on it as the proof of concept for this project. Here’s what I have been working on:

  • Marketing – I need to grow brand awareness in the country so, working with a close friend of mine, we will be producing a video series on me becoming further acquainted with the country and culture. My friend is from Luzon so, figuring out content to come up with shan’t be too difficult. In fact, we have already planned some video that we will shoot this weekend.
  • State of P.I. – So, their State of Calamity ends September 21, 2021 and we’re considering pushing hard to develop content so that we can go to P.I. shortly after. The plan, roughly, is to go there and see where my skills can be utilized. There is a larger plan that I am not yet ready to share but I assure you the goal is quite large.
  • Regalia – The goal is to use what we sell as votes to help direct us to the most popular path. I and my friend both have our own suspicions as to what direction is the best direction but we both completely agree that using sales information to help guide would be nice. So, there’s the concept, how specific it will be is still being worked out.

Obviously this will be ever evolving but, I assure you it should be interesting.


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