UCRP Update #1

UCRP Update #1

August 17, 2021 Neighborhood & Encampment QOL Improvement 0

Well, we’ve hit a couple snags, the largest being the attack that happened at a homeless encampment apparently a couple weeks ago. A person caught a homeless stealing his stuff, went to find it, found it, was attacked by many homeless people, and he ran one over in effort to get away. I am not sure where I stand, it’s always a shame when someone dies especially when it was avoidable. That is as far as I will discuss that.

I remain optimistic but, clearly I will not be doing this by myself even though I am armed. Part of responsible gun ownership is not putting yourself in a situation where using it is highly probable. Now, obviously, there are some substantial differences here but, I can see the hardships and the condition of some of these people so, does this mean I just keep this in the back of my mind and make sure there are always at least two people whenever cleaning. We obviously can’t be pushed around, neither should they be pushed, we need to facilitate an environment where there is mutual trust and respect.

I want this to work but there’s that hurdle, needing to find some other people interested in helping, we will need to either find or rent a truck, and purchase some cans/bags/etc. I haven’t finished the branding for this because, I am just not sure how I can do this but, I will persist.

If you’re reading this and you have any useful suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

Thank you everyone, we’ll figure this out.

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