The First Post

The First Post

March 12, 2019 General News & Updates 0

Welcome to Arrogant Industries’ first post! I have been trying to figure out what exactly to write here. So, we’ll start with what Arrogant Industries is supposed to be.

The Name – I named the business Arrogant Industries because I wanted to poke fun at the multimedia industry. If you’ve dealt with the industry, you know how it can be. When I watch the news, or interact with anything online, all I see is propaganda which is why we’re selling the products we are.

The Products – I originally just wanted to make propaganda not because I wanted to really push any specific agenda (Other than being a firm supporter of the U.S. Constitution). Free Speech does a multitude of things for us and I think creating a single platform that showed propaganda from all sides would be good for people to see. In my eyes, free speech is a great revealer of truths. Is it really just a stupid sticker or is it actually communicating vital information about someone?

The Propaganda – It’s more easy to sell something to someone that elicits strong emotions. Following that train of thought, it brought me to the station of, if there’s going to be a bunch of rhetoric, a bunch of disdain for our fellow countrymen any way, why not profit on it? One of the large concerns for me was, I don’t want to directly encourage some one to harm another so, I have decided that propaganda that directly calls to injure or cause destruction would be the line. I am fine with people communicating their positions but not injuring one another.

The Projects – One the big reasons why I felt fine moving forward with this business is because I decided doing community oriented projects would be a large focus. The initial two projects that I intend to focus on is, “Business Without Borders” and “Urban Camping Revitalization Project” (There’s a nifty acronym in that name).

Business Without Borders – How to put this in the most simple way possible. I wanted to create a project that could be supported by the most people possible and allow me to pursue my own personal fulfillment. Selfishly, I would like to make an impact somewhere, I don’t want to just be forgotten 6 months after I pass so, I thought, “What if I helped build businesses in other countries, help them towards first world status?” I don’t want to be a savior but I would like to know I did something good for a lot of people on my last day. My plan right now, this is of course evolving, is to find a country with a low barrier to entry, go there, and see what I can do. (I will add a link to this project soon.)

Urban Camping Revitalization Project – This is the officially unofficial but, likely to be the official name. Homelessness is a big problem here in Washington state. I recognize that I am no philanthropist, I am just a guy who is trying to leave his midlife crisis on a positive note. I would like to clean up the garbage around the encampments – it needs to be done and will improve everyone’s Quality of Life. (I will add a link to this project soon.)

In Conclusion – Everything seems to be one big evolving project and if you have any input, I’d like to hear what you have to say. Thank you for your time!

  • Matt