Urban Camping Revitalization Project

Urban Camping Revitalization Project

June 23, 2021 Neighborhood & Encampment QOL Improvement 0

I would like to preface this with two things:

One: I wanted a ridiculous name for this.

Two: I think it’s pretty amazing but, I may be biased.

Okay, moving forward, we need to do something about the garbage for all the reasons you can think of whether it be, for concern of your the areas image, the concern of the people, or the concern the surrounding area, and or anything else that sounds reasonable. I would like to create a sticker line that directs majority of it’s profit into getting this idea rolling whether it be me personally, people I know, or even volunteers. I intend to do this regardless or not this idea is profitable because I think we need to do it for our fellow countrymen.

That’s what I got for this initial installment, check back later!

Additional Thoughts

“UrCRP” (Isn’t it beautiful, the marketing for this will be epic!)